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2019 Oso Flaco / Guadalupe Dunes


On March 9th, 2019 members of the camera club traveled to the Guadalupe Dunes, entering via Oso Flaco State Park. Originally the fieldtrip was to Cottonwood Canyon; however, with all the recent rains that road was flooded, so we redirected to the Dunes. This can be a good place for birds, dunes and surf photography. The weather was excellent and we all enjoyed our morning.

These images courtesy of Ron Calvert

Scrambling for Surf Food
Under the Boardwalk
The Birders walking willingly to the end of the tunnel.

These images were provided by Gregory N. Doudna.

Morning sunlight and an approaching storm on the Guadalupe Dunes.
Relentless dunes reclaiming the boardwalk.
Footprints in the morning dew on the boardwalk.