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Blossom Trail


On March 4th & 5th, 2016 the members of the SMCC journey overnight to the fruit orchards in and around the Reedley CA area. The images and text were submitted by Ed E. Powell


Hitchcock's Window: Photographed after dinner at Uncle Harry's on a wet and windy night



Ambience: We saw this painted block wall across from a park. Nice color with strong saturation on an overcast day that benefits from the three-dimensional actors returning to the market



Lucy and the Blossoms: Overcast skies provide excellent light for the blossoms and groves - and Lucy! She absolutely pops in pink, complementing the flowering trees.



Undaunted: We found a dilapidated wooden home Saturday afternoon. The structure is scheduled to be razed completely later this year. Elements point toward the doorway and Monica, who haunts this photograph. She is stoic and unmoved by the destruction and decay around her. Pale split-tone treatment enhances the mood.