Santa Maria Camera Club

Preparing an Image for Digital Competitions

(thanks to Ron Calvert for preparing this information)

You will need software that can resize and apply color profiles. The following instructions are for Photoshop and Windows:

To best display your image files submitted for entry into the digital competitions, we will need you to follow these guidelines:

1) Entries will only be accepted in the JPEG format. We recommend saving your images at the highest quality (minimal compression) setting.
2) Images need to be properly sized to display correctly with our projector. The maximum dimensions are 1024pixels horizontal and 768pixels vertical. The size can of course be less than these dimensions, but will project smaller on the screen.
3) Images should be converted (if not already) to sRGB color space.
4) Although not a requirement, we strongly recommend calibrating your computer's monitor with a colorimeter device such as the Spyder made by ColorVision. This is to greatly improve color consistency between the images you work on at home and how they will appear on the projection screen, not to mention your prints!

The presentation software uses the folder name to identify the photographer, the sequence number to determine the order in which you would like your images displayed during the competition (if you have two) and the file name as the title of the image. We will need the folder and files as indicated above for the competition. We will be asking for the folders before the night of the competition to insure that your folder and files are formatted correctly. If they are not, the presentation software will try to correct the problem and you may not like the results or it may reject the images. If we have time we can contact you to correct the issue before the night of the competition.